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Finally, NEW MRT Foods added to the list!

NEW CLIENTS: *$100 off Getting Started Right Package* through March 31st, 2018.

Great news! The MRT® Food Sensitivity Test has expanded to test more items: from 150 to 170 food and food chemicals!! This is the most comprehensive, accurate test around and the only one that comes with a Registered Dietitian & medical and nutrition expert by your side and a full healing, personalized anti-inflammatory protocol for YOUR body. I literally wrote the cookbook on Anti-Inflammatory eating and this is more accurate because it’s specifically for your body with a scientific blood test. No, I don’t draw your blood but I do have it all set up for you. Convenient, organized, simple! What we all need in 2018.

See what foods and food chemicals are tested here.

We’ve been waiting for this for many years because more foods means more concrete information for you. More foods you “can” eat, more variety, the faster you can heal! I’ve been offering MRT/LEAP for over 6 years and helping clients heal with nutrition and fitness in LO Solutions for nearly 18 years. I’ve helped thousands of clients overall and hundreds of clients heal with MRT/LEAP – it’s the fastest way to decreasing inflammation, healing leaky gut, calming down an over reactive immune system and healing YOUR body once and for all. Think EXACT GPS for your body, vs. really rough, guessing road map with bumps and curvy turns along the way.

What the heck is MRT/LEAP and should you do it?! If you have migraines, arthritis, skin issues, digestion, Fibromyalgia/Chronic pain or even complicated things like abdominal adhesions/surgeries, Crohn's/Colitis or other inflammation issues, then you'll want to check this out! Yours truly being interviewed about nutrition and MRT/LEAP (the ultimate personalized anti-inflammatory diet that works to heal leaky gut, inflammation, many symptoms, and more):

Read more about MRT/LEAP here.

I have healed many, many people who never had answers for their issues until now. Many have felt well below optimal health for their body and remained undiagnosed for years, seen countless NDs/MDs, and some even felt this way for more than half their life! Read a couple of case studies here (more to come!).

Sick of being sick and having low energy and pain? Give me a call. Already feel amazing, healthy and want to up your game with nutrition, fitness and prevent inflammation long term – this is for you too!!!! Top notch athletes do this test to enhance performance and decrease inflammation and chronic pain – hello Olympic athletes!

NEW CLIENTS: $100 OFF Getting Started Right Package* through March 31st, 2018

* Includes: Comprehensive Initial Consult + MRT Test + Full Results Appointment/LEAP Protocol.

Already been tested with ME? SAVE: $50 MRT Test if you RETEST by March 31st.


Do you take insurance? I take BCBS, Cigna, Aetna and Flex/Wellness spending cards. Many of my clients are out of pocket and upon request, I provide detailed superbills for reimbursement. FYI: The MRT food sensitivity test is considered out of network with any provider but I have found that many insurance companies reimburse with my precise superbill. I work 100% remotely with many clients.


Keep in mind: You must see lovely Lila for a pre and post MRT/LEAP consult so you know what to eat and get your personalized LEAP protocol. Results literally mean nothing without interpretation! I cross compare chemicals to all of your tested foods, and chemicals and foods to all of your symptoms and full medical history. In 2-3 months you’re healed and know exact what you CAN eat long term with ample variety – no more restriction or guessing! No other test around does this with such an exact science. Save time and money long term in: supplements/medications, MD appointments, time researching and figuring this all out on your own, and more! Get the support and information you need to heal once and for all. Email me to get started or for the LO Solutions MRT Rate & Service Sheet. New clients: please allow up to 4 weeks for scheduling an initial consult. The wait will be worth a life time of healing!

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