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Case Study

“My overall health has dramatically improved these past months ever since Lila and I started working together on improving my diet, vitamin use and exercise routine. Her positive attitude and expertise in joining me on this wondrous journey together was productive and refreshing. 

Finding Lila was a godsend as my frustration in not being able to find appropriate healthcare was stressing me out.  In particular, through the MRT/LEAP food sensitivity process and Micronutrient testing we were successful in identifying multiple food sensitivities and vitamin deficiencies, which had created both an ongoing bowel malfunction and torso rash. The LEAP dietary protocol and vitamin therapy have significantly remedied the situation and has me on the road to a more healthy existence.


Thank you!!”

*Note: this is a very abbreviated case study for the following patient. Extreme detail, listening and caring goes into each case and this is a summary.

Initial reason(s) for coming: 65 year old male coming in to manage food intolerances and sensitivities, which are causing major GI upset and all around not feeling well – see Symptom Surveys.

Other present symptoms: persistent undiagnosed torso rash and itchy skin, major fatigue and mood swings, sinus issues, watery eyes, joint pain and more.

How long symptoms present: Started in 30s and have persisted ever since with little answers from MD or from trying different ways of eating.

Tried in past: Just about every way of eating to heal the body with extreme detail in food logs, including: general anti inflammatory way of eating with trial and error food logs, FODMAPS (no real SIBO diagnosis), gluten free, dairy free and more.

LO Solutions protocol & healing journey:

  1. February: MRT/LEAP to clean the slate and truly figure out what foods were causing inflammation in his body. Read more here. The personalized LEAP protocol takes about 3-6 months depending on symptoms and compliance. Initial Symptom Survey (SS) was very high at 128. The SS is subjective but it truly helps to see the progression and to help clients realize how good they are feeling. Near the beginning I often hear, “I feel the same” and then the SS has dropped in half. It’s very eye opening to see the final SS compared to the first ones, and helpful to both of us.

  2. I coached the client to go to his MD and do tests for the following: Vitamin D because helps heal the body and the immune system – it was quite low at 32. We also did other tests for digestion (he had done many already), ruled out celiac and did full panels for thyroid, lipids, CBC, metabolic panel, etc. Found a very low B12 so I suspected MTHFR defect. Thyroid, lipids, blood sugars all good. although we improved lipid profile throughout the process (AKA: Cholesterol). Over the next few months with the LEAP protocol, Symptom Surveys progressively went to: 105>> 82-65 range>> 42>> 35>>28 (June 2017). LEAP heals the body long term because it truly decreases inflammation and heals the gut and body, and thus symptoms.

  3. April: towards the end of LEAP we did the following complete panels with Spectracell to continue healing: 


- Cardiac panel: found some inflammation issues like high homocysteine which we are treating. Lipid profile improved since we started- HDL went up (good cholesterol) and blood sugars, insulin and other inflammatory markers look good. No genetic predispositions for cardiac issues, except the homocysteine, which is related to MTHFR below.

- Micronutrient Panel, read more here: Correlating B12 and folate deficiencies which relate to the high homocysteine. Moderate low spectrox (stress response), Immunodex (immune system), along with some other vitamin and minerals. I analyze results by looking at trends and overall results and then we personalize foods and supplements to a “T” for what your body needs. Client started feeling even better after incorporating appropriate B vitamins!

- MTHFR genetic defect: See here. Has Heterozygous Heterozygous mutation which decrease enzyme activity by 50-60%. This plays into homoncysteine, B vitamins and his lingering symptoms!

- Omega check: has a moderate low total omega 3 levels and very low EPA. We had already been working on taking the best fish oil so this allowed us to personalize it to increase omega 3 fatty acids and balance omega 3: omega 6 ratio. Helps with healing, inflammation, brain health and more. Read more here.

- Telomere testing, read more here. Client really wanted to know his “real age” based on telomere length. He is 10 years older than his real age so we emphasize everything we’re already doing plus lifestyle and stress changes. We will redo this in 6 months to 1 year and it is possible to decrease this and stabilize it based on all we are doing!

    4. Bottom Line:

- MRT/LEAP protocol is the only food sensitivity test which tests for inflammation and heals the body and gut long term. It’s great for IBS/GI symptoms, headaches/migraines, hard to lose weight, arthritis/joint pain, fibromyalgia and to clean the slate. Healed the body first and foremost first 2-3 months. For this client it truly helped him heal his GI and gut issues once and for all, along with his other symptoms on the SS.

- After results: we improved Vitamin D to 60, along with B vitamins, especially B12.

- Incorporated health and lifestyle changes along the way: meditation, Stress management techniques and breathing

- The Micronutrient Test was key to heal the final few steps and personalize supplements and foods. We will redo the Micronutrient test in a few months.

- Healing food grade essential oils and other treatments based on symptoms.


- Counseling to continue already great fitness routine.


And NOW, present update:

>> Client has felt better than he has for almost half of this life. We were able to truly heal the body and personalize eating long term so he can stay this way.

>> 3 months later his Symptom Survey has remained at a score of: <30 which is great!

>> You may have different symptoms and are a totally different person so I personalize all this along the way based on goals and detailed counseling and deep listening. This is all about “YOU” time!

In good health,

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