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Case Study

“I have dieted a lot but I’ve never learned to eat for MY body until now. I feel like I truly know how to eat better and what the right portions are to feel better and lose weight naturally.”

Mid 40s Female “Lila’s Lifer” Client

What is a Lila’s Lifer?

Read more here.

*Note: this is a much abbreviated case study for the following patient. Extreme detail, listening and caring goes into each case and this is a summary of many months of working together, sometimes years.

Initial reason(s) for coming: To feel better, lose weight, get healthy and get in shape for hiking. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and learn how to eat for her body once and for all. Client was committed from the very beginning and jumped in with 2x/week appointments.

Other present symptoms: Digestion (IBS), heartburn, not feeling well and some joint pain and stiffness. The Symptom Survey helps me “see” how a client is feeling, often showing things that might be their “normal” but things we can easily address! See before and after Symptom Surveys to the right, just one month apart and 20# down.

How long symptoms present: Has been wanting to focus on herself for quite some time and didn’t want to do another “diet”. She wanted this to be for life, needed accountability and wanted to do nutrition and personal training for her body. That is exactly what I do. Despite the credentials, dietitians don’t do “diets”- we do lifestyle!

Within 2-3 months client exclaimed, “I have dieted a lot but I’ve never learned to eat for MY body until now. I feel like I truly know how to eat better and what the right portions are to feel better and lose weight naturally.”


Weight lost to date: 30# down.

>> Phenomenal how what we eat and how we move can make up our cells and create a whole new way of being and feeling!

LO Solutions protocol & healing journey:

  1. Start with doable nutrition changes and recording of food for herself (and me) - she wanted to do this and we did it in a way that didn’t feel like homework.

  2. We did personalized workouts 2x/week and I suggested appropriate workouts on her own. Making sure to balance cardio, flexibility and resistance training. I gave at home workouts to do which I created for her and supplemented with On-demand workouts too. Read more here about what I use and recommend.

  3. Worked on different portion control systems to find what worked best for her: recording in phone, written food log, container system to focus on more fiber and protein and less carbs.

  4. Started using her Fitbit as an accountability tool vs. just wearing it. I start clients by finding a baseline of their “normal” and then we work on increasing step goals and flights of stairs. Client worked up to an average of 8000 steps/day and over 10 flights of stairs due to hill walks. Before steps: 3000-4000 and no flights.

  5. Phase 2 of our work together will be: to get baseline blood work from her MD to personalize her supplements and food even further. Sometimes this is step #1 but for this client it was phase 2 because I start where each client is at and what they’re ready to commit to. I help clients figure out what to ask for, blood work-wise, and how to navigate this with their MD. I am part medical liaison. I can also input orders as needed. The goal is to blend the western and eastern approach, AND the practical approach!

Phase 2 will be:

  • Where is client at now with food, fitness, self-care and weight loss

  • I always start by redoing a Symptom Survey to get a baseline.

  • Micronutrient testing to personalize foods and supplements

  • Omega check to help mood, anxiety and inflammation

  • Healing with food grade essential oils

  • More personalized supplements based on test results, goals and health

Are you ready to: change your life, heal your body (inside and out)
and get personalized nutrition and fitness, and feel better once and for all?! If so, email me.

SAVE $195! Read more here about Lila’s Lifers!! How, why and when to start.

Anne- attach other document above. This is what we update on the excel form.


Lila’s Lifer clients commit to 3 to 6 months and some have been
coming for 10-15+ years. Their visits are 1-2x/week at “their” steady
time slot and together they get to do any and all of the following - for one low price!

  1. Nutrition: counseling, encouragement, education, motivation, personalized foods and supplements (Goal sheets typed every time), blood work like MRT/LEAP Food Sensitivity Testing and Micronutrient Testing (if applicable).

  2. Fitness: personal training, fitness coaching, Yoga, Pilates, resistance training – all personalized for their body. At home workouts also given when appropriate.

  3. Health Coaching: counseling, medical liaison between other health care providers like your MD, education, etc.  

In good health,

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