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Clean Skincare & Products


Clean and cruelty-free: skin care, makeup and personal care products.

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I'd love to introduce you to BeautyCounter, the cleanest skincare and personal care products around! I recommend these for clients and use them myself because they are so clean and pure.


Did you know the US has only banned 30 chemicals in personal care products while the EU has banned over 1400 chemicals?! Well, welcome to BeautyCounter, where they have banned over 1800 chemicals and are on a sustainable packaging mission. Not only are they clean, but they work!


I personally use:

  • the Countertime anti-aging line

  • their clean, refillable deodorant

  • all their body lotions

  • chemical-free and coral reef-safe sunscreen

  • shampoo/conditioner

  • and one my favorites: the Flawless in Five make-up (get ready in 5 minutes or less with these 6 clean makeup products)!


We need clean skincare because we absorb everything we put on our largest organ (our skin) and did you know products have been known to disrupt hormonal balance and have been linked to cancer?


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