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Let's get moving!!


One-on-one tailored training to suit your current lifestyle & physical level combining the following:


☆ Weight loss & toning

☆ Core Strength

☆ Functional Training

☆ Outdoor training

☆ Walking & Pedometers




We will work together to develop strength, balance & agility. Often this will include Pilates, Yoga, stretching and sometimes even the all-natural setting of wide open space known as the outdoors! 


Additionally, I offer personalized workout plans for Cardiovascular, Flexibility, and Resistance Training and a full body analysis which includes % body fat, full body circumference measurements, hip – waist ratio, BMI, & calorie needs.



Yoga and Pilates are full body workouts that many people fall in love with once they give them a try! They have the added benefit of calming the mind while focusing on the body. 


I have extensive certifications both Yoga & Pilates, which allow me to personalize sessions and focus on correct alignment and core strength, while taking into consideration any injuries or fitness goals along the way. 


☆ Increased flexibility and improved joint range of motion    ☆ Stronger muscles and leaner body

☆ Improved coordination, core strength and balance             ☆ Diminished chronic pain in shoulder, neck and back pain 

☆ Increased circulation and improved memory                        ☆ Improved mood and self-esteem

☆ Improved sleep & stress levels                                                 ☆ Improved mindfulness & body awareness

☆ Improved posture and body mechanics

Many of my services include a therapeutic aspect to them, often assisting in the healing process of past injuries. 


For instance, when dealing with a past injury and rehabilitation of a compromised area of the body, I can assess the area and apply various forms of Functional Training. This form of exercise is designed to retrain individuals with movement disorders and aids in developing strength, balance and agility through everyday movements. Plus, each routine is personally tailored to you!


The Great Yoga Wall! 


This is definitely one of the most fun parts of my studio environment! Once someone has access to this wall with my guidence, they can't wait to come back and utilize it again and again. The Yoga Wall works wonders in opening the spine and joints. Come see for yourself!


Click here for a full list of programs and services!

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