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After our Consultation, there are a few paths you may choose to work with me:

>>Lila's Lifers: non-insurance client package for Training/Yoga/Pilates AND Nutrition:

For the Ultra-Dedicated!


This is the most comprehensive program I offer to those who are 100% committed to having a healthy body, mind and soul. With this approach, you get someone who is going to stick by you, hold you accountable, encourage and motivate you, and who is fully dedicated in helping to shape the new you. The key here is that you get to have “your” designated time slot each week to meet, AND you get a Personal Trainer/Yoga/Pilates, Health Coach and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for ONE price. Each session is based on how you’re feeling that day! Don’t wait: become a “Lila’s Lifer” today. Many of Lila’s Lifers have been with her for 10+ years!

Read more about Lila's Lifers here.


*Requires a 3-month commitment. 48-hour reschedule policy on all appts (from set appt time) or appts count in full.


>> Phase 1: MRT/LEAP Food Sensitivity Testing


STATE OF THE ART FOOD SENSITIVITY TEST. This is the only test to measure which foods

are causing inflammation in your body. It tests 170 foods and food chemicals with over

90% accuracy and personalizes an anti-inflammatory protocol for YOU. The LEAP protocol

heals the body and gut by decreasing inflammation and repairing an over-reactive

immune system, so you can heal long term. You may have more foods to choose from in

the end than before, and you will finally know for sure which foods are true food

sensitivities and which are not. Please request the detailed price sheet for this program. 

Recommended for:

  • Migraines/Chronic Headaches

  • Fibromyalgia/Energy Issues

  • IBS/Crohn’s/Colitis

  • Joint Pain/Arthritis

  • Athletes: to maximize performance

  • Skin issues: Eczema/Psoriasis/Acne

  • Hard-to-Lose Weight and more.


* Commitment to this program requires a minimum of 3 months so you can

heal completely. Initial consultation is required to ensure candidacy for the test.

>> Phase 2: Spectracell Micronutrient Testing


After you have worked for 3 months on the MRT/LEAP program, if you are ready to truly heal on a whole different level, you may consider taking this state of the art test that looks at individual vitamins and minerals in your cells over the last 6 months to show optimal and suboptimal levels. We can then personalize the foods your body needs (and supplements if need be).

Find out the status of 33 vitamins, minerals and amino acids, plus see indexes for:


  1. How well you metabolize carbohydrates (& insulin function),

  2. Your stress & antioxidant function,

  3. Immune system strength,

  4. Breakdown for all omegas and the types of fats your body needs for long term health.


*We can schedule monthly or quarterly check-ins


Perfect For:

  • Women trying to get pregnant

  • Athletes looking to maximize performance

  • Older adults looking to minimize aging

  • Anyone looking to maximize overall health

  • Anyone wanting personalized food & supplement recommendations 

  • Ideal to do after MRT/LEAP is completed to fully heal the body


Panels to add on: 

  • Complete Cardiac Panel

  • Omega Check/Breakdown

  • Complete Hormone Check

  • Thyroid + Adrenals

  • Reverse T3

  • MTHFR (genetic test)

  • Telomere Testing (DNA real age)

  • CBC & Metabolic panel



Continue reading below if you'd like to understand MRT/LEAP better...

The Mediator Release Test (MRT) &
Healing LEAP Protocol




What is it?  

The Mediator Release Test (MRT) is the LEADING test for food sensitivities, backed by ample science and thousands of people seeing amazing RESULTS. It is the ONLY test that tests inflammation in the body and then comes with a personalized anti-inflammatory, healing protocol.

This test is NOT about taking more foods out of your diet. Rather, the LEAP protocol heals the body by decreasing inflammation in the body, healing the gut and decreasing an over-reactive immune system, so that symptoms go away once and for all.


What is LEAP? CLICK HERE to learn more.

Bottom Line: Mediators produce corresponding physiologic effects such as inflammation and pain receptor activation, which lead to the manifestation of symptoms. If we can decrease the inflammation, we can heal the symptoms.

How it Works + Heals:

The Mediator Release Test (MRT) is the only accurate blood test which indirectly measures mediator releasing agents through precise measurement of changes to the liquid/solids ratio of a blood sample after whole blood has been exposed to a food, additive, or chemical.  It measures 120 foods and 30 food chemicals (some naturally in foods) to show which foods are causing inflammation in the body and which foods are causing the LOWEST inflammation in the body.


Together we can then create your personalized anti-inflammatory way of eating to calm down your immune system and decrease symptoms. It is the ONLY test that focuses on what you CAN eat, heals the body, and in the end you will know what sensitivities are true sensitivities and which have healed. Imagine being able to eat MORE foods than you ever thought possible?! ​

Who's it For?

If you suffer from any of these ailments, this test is for YOU!  

     Have tried everything and every test and still experience symptoms related to food.

     Have gone off gluten, dairy, etc. and feel limited in their food choices, yet still have symptoms and aren’t sure which foods are to blame.

     Have had stubborn, unresolved symptoms that an MD has been unable to pin point and resolve.

     Have IBS/Crohn’s/Colitis, Migraines/Headaches, Skin Issues (Eczema/Psoriasis/Acne), Joint Pain/Arthritis and/or Fibromyalgia.

     Have excess hard-to-lose weight, weak immune system, occasional GI distress, high blood pressure, irregular bowels or digestion (diarrhea and/or constipation), high cholesterol, diabetes, blood sugar issues, energy/fatigue, high stress lifestyle, ADHD/ADD, Autism, and more.  I have even seen great results for Parkinson’s, Hashimoto’s and MS.

     Just don’t feel well OFTEN or have other body issues that are getting in the way of you LIVING and LOVING LIFE.

What are food sensitivities & how do they happen in the body?

[ 3 min video ]

Intro to MRT & LEAP protocol.

[ 3:30 min video ]

IgG vs MRT test 

(the ONLY one that tests for inflammation)

[ 2 min video ]

How Food Sensitivities Cause Symptoms

[ Free PDF ]


LO Solutions now takes insurance for nutrition appointments!
We take:
BCBS/Regence, Cigna and UnitedHealthcare.
Email Lila for a complimentary insurance verification.

Remember, the MRT Test is always out of network and thus out of pocket but we do take flex spending cards and credit cards. Ask about payment

plan options!
If your insurance is out of network, I can provide you with superbills for possible reimbursement.

MRT Testimonials: What People are Saying

It's been 9 months since I received the results of my MRT blood test.  So much has changed!  My body feels healed of inflammation. What a miracle!  With the results from the MRT, Lila compiled a non-inflammatory diet based on ME, not some generic list.  Knowing what is non-inflammatory is every bit as important as what is.  So instead of having a "what not to eat" list, we focused on what I could eat (LEAP diet). With each subsequent meeting, more would be added for me to test.  It is truly a miracle that I am off dairy and 95% gluten free without feeling deprived.  Lila has so many healthy tricks up her sleeve...bars, shakes, recipes, oils, teas, supplements. 


When we meet, I watch her wheels turning as she problem-solves my latest challenge.  I continue to work with emotional eating and Lila continues not to judge but to problem solve and cheer when a potential solution works for me.  When I started with Lila, I was taking a bunch of supplements I hoped were working.  Now I have a customized set of supplements based on my body's needs whose effectiveness we track thru blood tests.  I feel like a much better parent to my body having Lila as my guide and health partner. If you wish someone would listen deeply and offer real help, I recommend you work with Lila!

~ Karley

Lila has helped me navigate not only my food sensitivities, but the way I think about food and fitness over all, which has been life changing. She also was the only person to suggest I test my thyroid, which led me to find out I had hypothyroidism. I had been suffering pretty much every classic symptom of hypothyroidism, yet no one before Lila had even thought to test my thyroid. Between the MRT test and the corresponding LEAP diet, as well as my discovery and treatment of my thyroid problem, I feel like a completely new person. I'm so happy and grateful to have found Lila and I am constantly recommending her to people! She is truly the best!


~ Andrée

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It has been one year since my last and hopefully final eczema freak out. I had been suffering from it for over 10 years. I want to thank my nutritionist, Lila Ojeda. She promised me that she could end my battle with eczema without drugs and she did!

If you suffer from skin problems, I can't recommend her enough. She works remotely so literally anyone reading this can use her. I'm not going to lie, it was very hard work to eliminate so many foods for such a long period of time but it was worth it.


The MRT Test and LEAP Protocol can really heal the body! I know I sound like a commercial but I can now eat things I never thought I'd be able to again! It's all about getting your gut healthy. I did the LEAP diet that starts with the MRT blood test, and it works!


To all the medical doctors who said I couldn't "cure" myself with a diet and just prescribed me were wrong!! 


~ Sergio

MRT Testing + LEAP Protocol is like having an accurate roadmap for your own body! Need more details?​


Additionally, as a Certified LEAP Therapist* (CLT), I have the training to implement a life-changing dietary protocol! *LEAP stands for Lifestyle Eating And Performance


As a LEAP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I will carefully interpret and navigate your results so you can feel better faster. I can also help you implement an appropriate “ImmunoCalm Diet”, and personalized anti-inflammatory eating plan and lifestyle to feel your very best! The results literally mean nothing without the protocol!


Think of it like this; the MRT test is like the GPS of your body and the CLT contains the detailed, most up to date map to make sure it’s leading you down the quickest, safest path.  ​​                                                             ~ Lila


Food Sensitivity Test

Only test to measure which foods are causing inflammation in YOUR body

Tests 140 foods and 30 food chemicals

Over 90% accuracy!!

Personalized anti-inflammatory protocol for YOU!


MRT Testing takes the guesswork out of what to eat and what not to eat to heal your body and reduce your symptoms.


This process is set up in phases, so your commitment is essential to see results. But, if you are willing to put in the time and commitment, your results will give you a lifetime of benefit. Don't take my word for it, take a look at these testimonials from past clients that I've worked with.

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