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LO-Testimonial Dec 2022

Since working with Lila and taking the recommended supplements, my knee joint has gotten much better, I can bend down with no uncomfortable feeling, and my anxiety had been reduced significantly. My energy levels have improved and so has my sleep! My cholesterol has lowered to the healthy range, my vitamin D is at an awesome level and even my blood sugars have improved. I have fewer skin breakouts, my skin looks brighter and I think I look younger! ~ female client, age 46

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"I turned 50 this year & in October I started the MRT/LEAP program with Lila Ojeda at LO Solutions. I signed up for the program to better my health & learn preventive ways to continue to age healthy & well. I know that inflammation in the body causes a whole list of diseases & illness as you age. I wanted to get ahead of any issues that could cause me problems in the future. I also wanted better gut health & to finally lose those last 10lbs., that never seems to come off. Read more...

Many people choose to do MRT/LEAP to better their overall quality of life and live a healthy, full, long life. This is one of those clients! His Symptom Survey was low to begin with but he still improved his sleep, energy, and lost 10 pounds along the way! His cholesterol and blood pressure also improved! “Thank you very much for guidance & direction…it was life changing! The whole food sensitivity (MRT/LEAP) process was a positive experience. Lila was Read more...

SS went from 66 down to 1 in 3 months! "My boss/friend introduced me to Lila and her MRT/LEAP food sensitivity/anti-inflammatory program. Before I met Lila I was about 300lbs. I was swollen, bloated, had heartburn DAILY, indigestion, depression, EATING my depression. I was absolutely miserable and ready to change my life. I was eating Taco Bell and absolute junk almost daily. In the first week of MRT Lila gave my small realistic goals and eased me into it. Read more...

"Lila was so helpful in assessing and setting up a game plan for clearing up my issues. I struggled with many digestive issues as well as headaches daily. After doing the MRT testing for food sensitivities (and the LEAP protocol), I figured out which foods were causing me issues I was able to decrease my digestive problems and headaches by 80%. I am so thankful that I am now able to go out to eat without worrying about how my stomach may react. I was more

Lila is an amazing practitioner - she is professional, knowledgeable, and committed to using her expertise in health and wellness to help her clients. For the past 2 years I had significant GI issues, underwent endless diagnostic testing and in the end was told I was “fine”. Although there was no apparent pathology, I was not feeling fine. I had abdominal discomfort which affected my sleep, my mood and my energy level. I was taking over the counter medicines to manage more

“I could not be more thankful that I found Lila through searching the best nutritionists in the Portland area through yelp, google, etc. I was looking for more answers to my various health issues. I was mainly struggling with finding answers about allergic reactions I was having, but also wanted to explore combating symptoms of depression anxiety and chronic pain. For years I was having random and severe allergic reactions. One year, I had severe swelling on my head that ...Read More

“I've been one of Lila's clients for several years now, and most recently went to her to have the MRT/LEAP test done. I originally wanted to have the test done and to follow the LEAP protocol because of some health issues I had diagnosed with (in my throat) by a doctor, who wanted me to take daily medication before each meal for a few months to see if it helped. Read more

Hi Friends, I finally did blood work a couple weeks ago and found out several foods that I'm negatively reactive to and I'm working with a lovely Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Lila Ojeda, who knows her stuff. She has developed a special protocol unique to my health needs, to keep me on track, and reduce the negatives symptoms resulting from these reactive foods, AKA: Inflammation. Lila is also a Personal Trainer and Yoga teacher, so that makes her more awesome!" Part 2: Read more

"My overall health has dramatically improved these past months - ever since Lila and I started working together on improving my diet, vitamin use, and exercise routine. Her positive attitude and expertise in joining me on this wondrous journey together was productive and refreshing. Finding Lila was a godsend as my frustration in not being able to find appropriate healthcare was stressing me out. Read more

"Lila Ojeda’s health coaching service merits paragraphs of praise. Here is my nutshell version: Lila is priceless!  Humpty Dumpty could have healed with her!  Read more

The reason I started to see Lila was to lower my cholesterol, start eating healthier and exercising on a regular schedule. The Leap program that Lila offers helped me lower my cholesterol and understand how to eat healthier for my body.  She also gave me a workout program to help me stay in shape and increase my energy. Lila guided me every step of the way and I truly appreciate all the time she spent with me to make sure I continued on this new path.      -Stephanie, female in 40s

I can’t tell you how excited I am - I had two GREAT half marathon runs since we last talked. The cranberry water with sea salt and cocoa nibs were game changers!!! My sister-in-law and I finished with our best time ever last Saturday at 2 hours 17 minutes at the Helvetia Half and it had tons of hills, which is typically where we slow down. Felt good about that and you helped make it happen so thank you very much!!! -Nikki, female in 30s

Upon entering my 60’s it seemed that I was faced more and more with vague complaints regarding my health (joint pain, insomnia, GI issues, headaches, weight gain). Then lab results showed elevated cardiac and inflammatory markers placing me into a High Risk group for cardiovascular disease even though I thought I had been doing well by eating vegetarian and working out at a local gym. My desire to live a long life as healthy as possible led me to find Lila at LO Solutions. Read more

Suffering my third, and deepest, auto-immune health crisis in twelve years, I approached Lila in February, 2018. I viewed diet as one of a handful of approaches that might enable my immune system to return to its role as defender of my body instead of attacker. Its hyperactivity was causing intense 24/7 pain in most of the joints from my neck to my knees. Other approaches included the allopathic and the epigenetic.    I was attracted to Lila's data-driven methodology that... read more.

Thank you again so much for everything, I know this is what you do for a living but you have single-handedly made me feel so much better in these past few weeks. I couldn’t have done it without you! – Wendy, female in 40s.

The last few months have been momentous in that my lifestyle has drastically changed for the better, and my health has improved tremendously. Much of this can be attributed to Lila and her guidance as I navigate a safer and more manageable weight loss journey — I'm already down 25 lbs! Lila's given me the keys to ensuring I know what to do to sustain a balanced diet — something I haven't been able to do over the entirety of my youth. She also has become a friend and someone I can... read more.

Lila is amazing. I can't say enough good things about working with her. I had wanted to do MRT/LEAP for a while before committing to it. I knew it would be a big lifestyle adjustment, and it is actually life changing. It is something I will continue with for a long while. I learned a lot about myself, my well-being, and nutrition in the process. I had started working with Lila because of eczema, mild acne, and digestion, and those things all improved. Also, other things improved... read more.

I began working with Lila on a weekly basis during an especially difficult transition in my life. Lila has a gift for working with the whole person and is well-versed in a wide range of complimentary modalities. She is highly sensitive to the relationship between emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Utilizing supplements, essential oils, mediation, yoga, Pilates and physical training she was a huge support as I began the journey back to optimal health. Read more.

Lila works with me one-on-one to bring awareness and provide real solutions! She knows when to nudge me along and when to back-off.  Her support and encouragement have been immensely valuable to me and she has made me realize that good health is a journey that begins every day. —Valerie

I am grateful for you Lila Ojeda! Grateful that you are a tireless champion of eating and living well! Your contagious positive attitude and expertise are helping me break thru years of struggling to control my eating and energy levels. Thank you!! - Dayna

Lila is great!! She can help you get in better shape and learn to eat healthily...or as she would say, mindful eating. Since seeing her, I have lost 15 pounds and changed my eating habits. And, keep physically active. I highly recommend her. ~Frank G.

Lila is an inspiration to me. I came to her because I was determined to finally get fit--I'd been putting it off too long.  Which also meant I had several habits that needed changing. Lila helped me set reasonable goals each week and if the week did not go as expected, we would modify and adjust until I found what healthy habits worked for ME. She is knowledgeable, patient, supportive and encouraging. I am on my way to a stronger, slimmer, & more confident me! - Susan G, therapist

Thank you, Lila! I made my goal weight to go to Sicily at the end of April!  I have dropped at least 2 clothing sizes and sometimes wear a size 4 (which is 3 sizes down from a 10)! I decided a few months ago to rid my closet of my "fat" clothes because I am not going back to that place. I still follow your mindfulness eating guidelines and eating what I want. It’s over a year later and I feel like the path you helped me start on has become a habit. - Regina B.

Lila Ojeda has been my trainer and registered dietitian for a couple of years now, and she is the best I’ve ever worked with. She has a strong educational background both in nutrition and in body mechanics having gotten her RD at OHSU and MS at Portland State - impressive in itself! Plus, she has a warm and friendly teaching style and a good sense of humor. Each session is pleasant, and I look forward to them! - Linda S.

I made it through the 3 day refresh last week!  It wasn't all that hard.  No idea how much weight I lost but the results in how I looked and felt made it very rewarding.  The circles under my eyes and puffiness in my face are dramatically reduced, my skin is glowing and my clothes fit so much better.  Best of all my late night snacking is much more under control! - Michelle R.

Like a lot of guys, I suppose, I need help when it comes to nutrition, and I found that help when I signed on with Lila. I've been working with her going on eight years, now, and my physical and emotional health has improved remarkably. What I get most out of working with Lila is that she holds me accountable. When I fall, she reaches down and helps me up. "Come on, dude, keep going." Health is now my priority investment! –Sandy S., author

I first learned about Lila and LO Solutions at a Group Fitness Challenge where she served as the nutritional coach.  From the beginning I really liked her style and enthusiasm. She provided so many useful tips, recipes and great suggestions on how to fuel and treat the body during a 3 month long challenge. I was impressed, she provides very detailed instructions and great support every day! - Kerstin

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