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Case Study

Within 4 months this 37 year old female gained her life back. We improved these symptoms: digestion, fatigue, sleep, unexplained joint pain, headaches and more, and then secondarily improved her cholesterol and lipid profile. She exclaimed, “I finally feel like myself again!”

*Note: this is a much abbreviated case study for the following patient. Extreme detail, listening and caring goes into each case and this is a summary of many months of working together, sometimes years.

Initial reason(s) for coming: 37 year old female referred by her MD for MRT/LEAP for whole body inflammation and to help with undiagnosed symptoms. Her main concerns: fatigue, joint pain, bloating and other GI issues, migraines.

Other present symptoms: She was also coming to maximize her chances of fertility for baby #2 and to decrease recent menstrual issues of heavy bleed and PMS. Initial Symptom Survey also revealed overall not feeling well, irritability, anxiety and pretty extreme body pain and digestive issues. See initial Symptom Survey to the right.

How long symptoms present: months to years and progressively getting worse to the point of interfering with work and life.

LO Solutions protocol & healing journey:

  1. For all clients I start with a very comprehensive initial appointment where we review past blood work, current symptoms, health and eating habits, sleep, stress, current fitness habits, water and more.  

    This client was also super open to Ayurveda (eastern modalities to create a solid health foundation). I thoroughly explain MRT/LEAP so you we can determine if this is the right choice for your lifestyle and goals. If not, I have other anti-inflammatory options and protocols.

    Throughout our journey together we chip away at goals and medical issues - at a doable pace for your body and brain. Many of these details are left out so just know that at each session you will feel a deep listening and connection towards your health and healing. We will pick next steps together to promote life-long changes for you and your family.

  2. With this client we started by reviewing past available blood work and then I often recommend other blood work based on symptoms.

    Right away we ruled out celiac and discovered low Vitamin D at 33, low ferritin at 35 and high cholesterol. Client was on almost a dozen supplements but not feeling better so it was time to clean slate her health. I also check thyroid, CBC, metabolic panel, etc. Vitamin D is an integral part of the immune system, helps the body heal and decreases inflammation (read more about Vitamin D here). I like to see it around 50-70, some MDs like it higher. Ferritin above 50 helps with energy, mood, brain fog. Above 80 is even better! Both are easy to fix and monitor progression. I recommend clients check their Vitamin D 2x/year to figure out dosing for winter and summer. It is not recommended to just take 5-10k long term without knowing your numbers because it’s fat soluble and can climb higher and higher and be toxic. Vitamin D is all the rage now so I see this happening – make sure to work with a health care professional who can help you monitor this.

  3. First step was getting overall lifestyle changes in place including some Ayurveda tips like tongue scraping, oil pulling, bedtime routine, room temperature water, more warm cooked nourishing foods, meditation, appropriate fitness, etc. Client was open and wanting to blend Eastern and Western techniques – my ideal client!

  4. We started with MRT/LEAP to start a personalized anti-inflammatory way of eating that will decrease inflammation, decrease symptoms right away and heal the gut. What is LEAP?

  5. Client was very compliant, kept food logs and progress was evident on Symptom Surveys, which were done before each appointment. Over the next few months with the LEAP protocol, Symptom Surveys progressively went to: 78 (August 2016) > 25 range >  23 >  17  > 13.5 (December 2016). See Before and After Symptom Surveys above, under picture.

  6. Towards the end of LEAP which takes 2-3 months to fully heal the body (for life!) we then did the following tests: Micronutrient Test, Cardiac Panel + Omega Check, Hormone Panel and Thyroid panel. From these very useful, amazing tests we were able to personalize foods and supplements for her body to enhance more healing and decrease inflammation even more which we could assess in CRP levels. We optimized omega 3 levels via supplements and foods to get an appropriate Omega 3 to 6 ration and increase EPA (important for brain and inflammation!) and DHA (important for lipid profile).

    In four months, LEAP helped decrease cholesterol from 251 Total to 179.
    LDL went from 168 to 101 (we like less than 100)
    HDL went from 72 to 61 (we like this right around here = good cholesterol) and
    Ratio improved from 3.48 to 2.9: I say less than 5 is ok, less than 3 is amazing.
    Client lost 7 lbs. she wanted to and stayed there

    Cardiac panel proved helpful to see breakdown of particle sizes, genetic markers and much more! We could make detailed nutrition changes from this information. Did you know high cholesterol, blood sugars and blood pressure all have an inflammatory component which you can decrease with MRT/LEAP?! We were also able to optimize hormone levels and thyroid looked good based on full panel.

  7. A further look into her tests:

    • MRT Food Sensitivity Testing. Click for sample results (Page 1 and Page 2). The ONLY test that tests 120 foods and 30 food chemicals and shows which foods are causing inflammation in the body and which foods are better for the body, with over 90% accuracy.

      A very detailed protocol is created based on symptoms, cross reaction of chemicals to foods and more. Clients walk away knowing what they CAN eat and exactly what meals/foods they will eat to make it doable. If you feel like you have multiple food sensitivities, can’t eat anything and don’t feel better, then LEAP is for you!  As one of my MRT clients said, “Lila is like seeing a dietitian and master chef all at once”. My job is to empower you to know what you can eat to heal your body long term. That is the power of MRT/LEAP! How does it work? Here’s how

    • Cardiac panel: found some inflammation that was helpful to further personalize foods and supplements. Client had LOW risk for diabetes and LOW risk for cardiac but we still had a few things we could optimize. Cholesterol went significantly down with LEAP. What’s tested on these panels? See all the amazing markers the Cardiac panel tests for here. Sample Page 1 (Cardio Metabolic Test), Sample page 2 (Pre-Diabetes Risk), Sample Page 3 (Omega Check).

    • Micronutrient Panel, read more here. Client’s system compromised by stress and immune system slightly low. Several vitamin and mineral deficiencies found which would improve lingering symptoms.  Examples: low zinc, some B vitamins low which shows digestion compromised (good B complex to supplement and heal), serine which can help sleep, low calcium and osteoporosis runs in her family and others. We personalized foods and supplements to a “T” vs. guessing. It’s great to know what your body needs vs. guessing. Why not learn what YOUR body needs long term?

    • Hormones: several things we could work on but consulted with her OBGYN. Could help with her fertility goals.

    • Omega check: one of my favorite tests because SO insanely useful and inexpensive. Client had a good overall omega level but we could increase it further, increase EPA to help with inflammation and brain (anxiety, sleep etc) and overall improve fats to the right ratio in diet. There is a fish oil protocol I use and it’s personalized based on results.  Read more here about Omegas.

  8. Bottom Line:

    • MRT/LEAP protocol is the only food sensitivity test which tests for inflammation and heals the body and gut long term. It’s great for IBS/GI symptoms, hard to lose weight, headaches/migraines, arthritis/joint pain, fibromyalgia and to clean the slate. We healed the body first with MRT/LEAP. Time line: 2-3 months. Client improved 50% in 2 weeks! For this client it truly helped with just about all of her symptoms. Also greatly improved cholesterol levels along the way. It’s nice to see when things improve that the client didn’t necessarily initially come to me for – added perk.

    • After results: we improved Vitamin D, Iron levels and other nutrients on micronutrient test + Omega 3 levels. Decreased inflammation which was evident by greatly reduced symptoms on Symptom Survey. Client had more energy, decreased headaches, lowered cholesterol, improved major digestion issues, decreased PMS issues, less body aches and pains and lost 7# along the way to get to her ideal body weight.

    • Incorporated health and lifestyle changes along the way: meditation, Stress management techniques, Ayurveda tips, fitness assistance, breathing, and healing food grade essential oils. All “options”- we decide together what will work best for you.

    • The Micronutrient Test + other panels were key to heal the final few steps and personalize supplements and foods. It is recommended to redo the Micronutrient test in 6 months to a year. You never have to redo the MRT test if you’re healed! You just go on your way feeling amazing AND knowing what you CAN eat with increased variety.

What do the cardiac, hormone, thyroid and omega check actually test?
Read more here.


How do they differ from what an MD does?
An MD is doing very basic screening, which is step #1.  
These look deeper so we can personalize food and nutrition for your body.
Plus they’re easy and inexpensive to get done.


I set them up for you. No referral necessary.

Contact me for more info

Sample Micronutrient Test here.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Let’s work together!

  • Email me to get started with an initial appointment. Together we will figure out next steps and tests. I see MANY clients even without the tests but the tests are gold standard ways to heal the body. Think straight line vs. making some wrong turns down dead alleys.

  • You may have completely different symptoms and are a totally different person so I personalize all this along the way based on goals and detailed counseling and deep listening. Don’t want all the tests done? No problem. I have other tools for healing. After 18 years, no case is “too hard” for me.

  • Clients see me anywhere from 2x/month to 2x/week. We find what works for you. Lila Lifers come 1-2x/week for years to enhance their well-being and life.

  •  It’s “YOU” time! You deserve to feel better.

In good health,

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