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Working with me means working together! Every step of the way you will be guided through your personalized process. This begins with a consultation  and includes reviewing rates for the package that best suits you (click here for full descriptions of programs and services).


On a budget? Let's discuss that and work together to create a package just for YOU to reach your GOALS! Here's an idea; train with a friend & split the cost.


Once we schedule an initial visit, I will send you registration forms, directions to my office & vital details for your first appointment.


Do you live out of the greater Portland area but are interested in working together?


Do you have a partner, team, co-worker or spouse that you want to combine services with?


In all instances, I will work with clients to accommodate different needs.


Please ask about the following options:


☆ In-home options          ☆ Couples        ☆ Worksites

☆ Sports teams                ☆ Families        ☆ By phone 


These services are available upon request & approval.

Additional fees may apply.


Abbreviated Policies:


➳ Pre-payment is required on all appointments 

➳ 48-hour cancellation policy on all appointments

➳ Cancellations/reschedules by phone only, no email

➳ Rescheduled appointments made within the month ➳ Late arrives gets remaining time of original appt.

➳ Missed appointments are charged in full

➳ Follow up visits are 50 minutes

Please request a complete list of LO Solutions Policies my email.


The complete list contains client policies and my personal guarantees, upheld at each visit for every client.



48 hour cancel/reschedule policy on all booked appts. Scheduled appointments are not rolled over to the next month, but rather a “make-up session” is given within the same week or two when the appropriate notice is given. Less than 48 hours notice will forfit appointment. Thank you for your understanding and for your cooperation.

Your Initial Visit visit is a vital component in the development of your nutrition, health, and/or physical activity plan(s).


The initial session includes a comprehensive assessment that allows me to learn about who you are inside and out!


I will explore the following:


➳ Your sleep habits      ➳ Exercise & diet experiences 

➳ Food preferences      ➳ Cooking experiences

➳ Support systems       ➳ Favorite physical activities

➳ Sources of stress       ➳ Family & work life

➳ Supplements/meds  ➳ Medical diagnoses 


Successful changes take time, persistence and patience. Just as progress takes time with your physician, psychotherapist, or physical therapist; nutrition and personal training services require time to see results as well.


You can be sure that Follow-up Visits build on one another!


Experience has shown that success is better accomplished with regular accountability. Plans may include 1-2 times per week , 1-8 times per month, or more.


For some clients, I am able to address their nutrition and fitness desires in as few as 3 visits. For others, plans can be set and adapted for months or years & offer continued support, inspiration, and renewed changes.


Regardless of how long we work together, I take pride in making sure that clients leave each session feeling more empowered, uplifted, knowledgeable, and joyful, than when they walked in!


LO Solutions

155 B Ave, Suite 120
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034


LO Solutions on MapQuest
LO Solutions on Google Maps



There is a parking lot but it’s rather small so I recommend street parking. There is ample 1 hr and 4 hr parking all around the building. Once inside, go right on the first floor to Suite 120.


Please plan on arriving on-time as I am often booked back-to-back and prefer to start right on time. Thank you for your consideration!

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