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What being a Lila’s Lifer will do for you: Take the guesswork out of your health & wellness routine and feel INCREDIBLE in just a few short months. No kidding!

Exclamation from a Lila’s Lifer: “We couldn’t have done any of this without you, truly! Thank you Lila.”  >> A Lila’s Lifer Couple who have been seeing me for years. Their quote when referring to their annual medical blood work, how great they feel, and how impressed their MD was with our work together and their improved cholesterol profiles and other health changes!

Lose Weight + Look Better + Glow More + Feel Awesome + Heal Random Symptoms (Bonus!)

I have one spot for a Lila's Lifers: This is strictly for those who are serious about living a healthy lifestyle. Read on if you’re ready!

Do you want to feel better? I mean really FEEL better?
Lila's Lifers has been known to help people
JUST LIKE YOU in one or ALL of the following ways:

☆ Improved sleep, mood and energy

☆ Lose weight & feel good in their body

☆ Learn how to eat intuitively, heal food sensitivities and more

☆ Better understand their overall health, nutrition and fitness needs

☆ Accountability for weekly nutrition and health check-ins

☆ Get personalized workouts based on how you’re feeling that day, your goals and Lila’s  extensive background – in a personalized, PRIVATE, serene space.

(Think personal training tailored to you with NO outside distractors or other people around.)

☆ Supplement consolidation and fine tuning based on your goals, blood work and Lila’s extensive Western and Eastern holistic wellness knowledge.

This is what MANY people tell me after we work together:
- Decreases medical expenses with less MD appts, less medications, etc.
- Decreases the need or amount of therapy
- Better understand your health conditions, well-being, and blood work
- Scale back the amount of supplements they take and increase their knowledge about why and how to take them
3 for the Price of One!
When you work with me you get:
1) A Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist with a whole body and mind approach, including MRT/Leap appointments or other testing (optional)
2) A Personal Trainer with extensive Strength Training, Yoga and Pilates background
3) The Ultimate Health Coach and Listener.

Think about it.....your biggest advocate walking alongside you!

(Literally we could go on walks together!)


In JUST 90 days you can:

  • Get to know your needs, body, and long term and short term achievable goals

  • See progress!!

  • Utilize Lila’s vast services at a reduced “Lila Lifer” rate:

    • MRT/LEAP food sensitivity testing

    • Micronutrient Testing

    • Yoga Wall

    • Body Fat Measurements

    • Personalized Personal Training

    • And MORE!

If you’re ready to feel your very best and learn more about yourself and your BODY than you ever thought possible, then contact me to book your 2x per week appointment slots.​​

Here's the breakdown of my Lila’s Lifers Package: 


  • 90 day commitment

  • We meet 2x per week for 55 minute sessions

  • We find your time slot, which I save for you no matter what!

  • $875/month

    • PAY FOR ALL 3 MONTHS in FULL and SAVE $195 - (Waives initial consult cost)

    • Pay monthly option also available. Ask about CASH rates

  • 24 follow appts (55 minutes each)

  • Prices subject to change based on # of appts in a month

  • Total cost includes initial 1 hour intake appointment

Let's get you ready for...

If you’re ready to feel your very best and learn more about yourself and your BODY than you ever thought possible, then contact me to book your 2x per week appointment slots.


Book by April 20th to SAVE the $195 paid in full fee.


YES, you can spend money on a separate trainer, Yoga class, ND, therapist and more…..

OR, you can come see me and truly get what you need and deserve in one place.


You will be so happy you took the leap!



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