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Healthy Eating: Easy Peasy

Dare I say that I see a light at the end of the tunnel and summer is on the way?


Warmer summer temps often mean that our eating habits change; produce is back in season and lighter meals are preferred. I'd like to help you with ideas and recipes to keep you fueled and inspired as things warm up!

There are a TON of great ideas that are out there, mine included ;) But, I am going to start by sharing this visually pleasing blog post from, this blogger has put together an insightful article about #JUICING. Cassie says: "I think adding all-natural, unsweetened fruit and vegetable juice to help supplement your diet is a great idea. It’s not better than whole foods, it’s just different."

"I agree!

Together we can determine if juicing is

right for your body and when.

I can also share what types of juicing recipes

to include into your way of eating."


Additionally, I recently contributed to a blog post about Lifestyle & Healthy Eating Tips for Diabetes Type 2. This post, from The Diabetes Council, interviews 51 registered dietitians to share tips for those with living with Type 2 Diabetes. Take a look and scroll down to #8, (that's me!) for my tips, including the "not so good" foods to avoid.

I have a few other healthy eating resources that I would

like to share with you as well!

Take a look at:

MNT (Micro Nutrient Testing) COMING SOON!

Provided by Lila Ojeda, MS, RDN, CSCS, RYT, CLT Registered Dietitian Nutritionist * Personal Trainer * Yoga/Pilates Contact: 503.789.9707 * LO Solutions: Improving Lives Since 2000!SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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