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How Hungry are You?

Do you ever have those days that are particularly stressful, or worse yet - boring?

It's days like these that can lead to picking up the wrong foods, too much food or sometimes not even enough.

I talk about this in my Mindful Eating mini-book, which you can download here, and there's plenty of research to support these ideas as well.

Sometimes, the real question is - How hungry are you? Like - really, if you truly check in with yourself, are you starving or famished? Or are you just bored? Are you listening to your body or you mind? Is it the right time to eat to keep your metabolism active, or are you just stressed out?

Of course there can be times that something really good is before you that you would "like" to enjoy. So go for it! Meeting a friend for an earlier than normal lunch? No problem - just don't over do it, go slow and try to enjoy what your body truly craves. So - you need to learn to listen to your body, right!?!


Introducing - The Hunger Scale!

Also - Take a look at this info below and then let me know....How Hungry are You?

If you ever want to explore this notion more, I am only a phone call or email away!

Provided by Lila Ojeda, MS, RDN, CSCS, RYT, CLT Registered Dietitian Nutritionist * Personal Trainer * Yoga/Pilates Contact: 503.789.9707 * LO Solutions: Improving Lives Since 2000!

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