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What the Heck is Telomere Testing?

Sounds a little bit alien, doesn't it?

Telomere testing is part of the SpectraCell tests I can do here at

LO Solutions. This falls into the realm of scientifically testing your body's DNA to find out your "real age" so to speak. From this amazing information, we can make detailed dietary and lifestyle modifications to decrease inflammation and ideally increase the quality and length of your life.

( a quick, 2-page read).


One of the most unique SpectraCell tests I do is the Micronutrient test (you can read about this more very soon). Based on my clients' goals, personal and health history and symptoms, we have the option to add on the following:

- Omega Check: super useful information!

- Complete Thyroid Panel

- Complete Hormone Panel

- Complete Cardiac/Inflammation/Diabetes Panel

- Telomere Testing

Anyone can just do the Telomere testing but most likely we will choose to do other tests and then decide to do that one as well. In essence, this test is often part of other extensive tests we do to analyze overall health and decrease symptoms. It's just one service I offer here at

LO Solutions to help you feel your very best and live a long, healthy life!

For really curious minds, here's an in depth look at

Telomere Testing in a Clinical Application

"The synergistic effect of micronutrients on the various systems of the body creates a complex web of metabolic pathways that can be profoundly affected by a single nutrient deficiency. This makes it especially important to correct specific deficiencies and maintain nutritional balance. Measuring total antioxidant capacity (SPECTROXTM) is equally important as the body’s ability to handle oxidative stress contributes significantly to telomere length."*

Want to improve your health and see if Telomere Testing is a possible tool we can utilize on your health + wellness journey ?

Let me help!

Schedule your initial consult today to see how we can work together.

I look forward to chatting with you soon ~

Provided by Lila Ojeda, MS, RDN, CSCS, RYT, CLT Registered Dietitian Nutritionist * Personal Trainer * Yoga/Pilates Contact: 503.789.9707 * LO Solutions: Improving Lives Since 2000!


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