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13 Things Your Dietitian Secretly Wants You to Know!

Who & What is a Registered Dietitian and How Do They Differ From a “Nutritionist”?

I've made this blog post a simple checklist. When you are searching for the right person to work with for your health & nutrition, it's helpful to understand what qualifies them.

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/RDN) qualifies in these areas:

✓ Has a BS degree in Dietetics from an accredited school.

I went to UC Davis.

✓ Did an intense internship for 6 months to a year.

I did mine at OHSU.

✓ Studies hard and takes professional board exams, like a nurse.

✓ Maintains Continue Education Units every year and stays up on the latest research.

✓ Is the only nutrition professional respected in the medical community.

(Note: MDs have less than 1% training in nutrition).

✓ Often times have a Master’s Degree.

I have mine from PSU in Health Studies with an exercise emphasis. I did my thesis on pedometers in 2003 and have been wearing one ever since. Every.Single.Day. Yes, really!

✓ Can combine Eastern and Western philosophies, depending on their training.

I have been studying and practicing Ayurveda since 2011.

✓ Take the entire person, body and health/family history into account before making any sort of recommendations or suggestions.

✓ They examine and explain medical blood work, are up to date on the latest research and food products and often incorporate other modalities into appointments - like supplements, mindfulness, fitness and MUCH more!


In contrast - A “Nutritionist” can literally be anyone.

There are a ton of 6 month to 1 year nutritionist programs in-class or on-line that anyone can take. People who are certified can practice very basic nutrition and are not required to have a degree.

True Story:

An RD once got her dog a certification on-line that said he was a “nutritionist”.


So, are you ready to read on?

13 Things your Dietitian Secretly Wants you to Know!

❝ Knowing




battle ❞

Happy Fall!!

Provided by Lila Ojeda, MS, RDN, CSCS, RYT, CLT Registered Dietitian Nutritionist * Personal Trainer * Yoga/Pilates Contact: 503.789.9707 * LO Solutions: Improving Lives Since 2000!


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