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Netflix of Fitness

"Netflix of Fitness"
Unlimited workouts for the whole family!

I grew up doing “videos” in my living room before or after high school. Good ol’ “Gil” or Denise Austin, or Kathy Smith, or some hip hop dance videos – sound familiar? I learned to LOVE fitness from an early age and because of that it’s still a main part of my life today. It took my mind off all my homework and the stress of growing up in a big family - and I felt GOOD afterwards! I didn’t ever once do it to lose weight or to look better - I did it to feel better. That might be why I have such a love affair with being active. I just don’t feel right if I don’t do it and it’s harder for me to be “on” and help others for 9-10 hours/day if I don’t feel well myself. I have really felt this lately with a very busy schedule. So why do you care about any of this? As a nutrition and fitness expert it’s my “job” to find the best of the best out there. I only carry the top-notch supplements that work and I only offer “real” solutions for fitness and nutrition. If any of these sound like you, be sure to read on:

  • Is fitness on your goal list for 2018?

  • Did you “not start” yet or fall off the wagon?

  • Do you want personal training but feel like it’s not in your budget?

  • Are you dead set on using your gym membership but it’s not happening for several reasons?

  • Do you already take classes and see a trainer but LOVE fitness?

  • Don’t know where to start but don’t want to go to a gym?

  • Not ready for in person classes yet but want to learn Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi?

  • Want a full 30-90 day program to “finish” and know exactly what to do each day?

  • Do you get home late or have kids and it has to be convenient?!

  • Like variety and fun when it comes to fitness?

  • Want the most economical fitness program around?!

What is it? Unlimited streaming of ALL kinds of fitness programs from your phone, laptop, tablet or smart TV.

Cost: ONLY $99 for the whole YEAR, $8/month, cancel after 30 days if you don’t love it!

Where: anywhere you have a small space – maybe at your office with the door closed, at home, with a friend, at the gym with your phone and workout in hand.

Need a real person to hold you accountable? I’m here for you! Get access to my personal LO Solutions one on one app, first 10 people only, HIPAA compliant, completely private. I usually ONLY give access to LO Solutions clients so this is a huge offer. For an additional $99 with purchase of the workouts or challenge pack, you can use my app and I will see YOUR private posts. It’s accountability from afar by a qualified professional. It makes all the difference when you know I will see your posts, trust me! For more detailed assistance, let’s schedule an initial consultation remotely or in person. Email me here to get started as a client. 

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