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  • Is fitness on your goal list for 2018?

  • Did you “not start” yet or fall off the wagon?

  • Do you want personal training but feel like it’s not in your budget?

  • Are you dead set on using your gym membership but it’s not happening for several reasons?

  • Do you already take classes and see a trainer but LOVE fitness?

  • Don’t know where to start but don’t want to go to a gym?

  • Not ready for in person classes yet but want to learn Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi?

  • Want a full 30-90 day program to “finish” and know exactly what to do each day?

  • Do you get home late or have kids and it has to be convenient?!

  • Like variety and fun when it comes to fitness?

  • Want the most economical fitness program around?!

What is it? Unlimited streaming of ALL kinds of fitness programs from your phone, laptop, tablet or smart TV.

Cost: ONLY $99 for the whole YEAR, $8/month, cancel after 30 days if you don’t love it!

Where: anywhere you have a small space – maybe at your office with the door closed, at home, with a friend, at the gym with your phone and workout in hand.

Need a real person to hold you accountable? I’m here for you! Get access to my personal LO Solutions one on one app, first 10 people only, HIPAA compliant, completely private. I usually ONLY give access to LO Solutions clients so this is a huge offer. For an additional $99 with purchase of the workouts or challenge pack, you can use my app and I will see YOUR private posts. It’s accountability from afar by a qualified professional. It makes all the difference when you know I will see your posts, trust me! For more detailed assistance, let’s schedule an initial consultation remotely or in person. Email me here to get started as a client.

Yes, there are a lot of workouts online for free, or at a cost. You already pay for some?! Trust me, this is different. Each program is an entire program, not one workout. I do them myself! There is a whole yoga section, kids section and programs you’ve probably heard of over the last 20 years.


What are MY personal favorites? Here’s my short list:

  • 21 day fix: only 30 minutes/day - work up to twice/day. Light weights or bands required.

  • Yoga Retreat: learn the right form and work up to harder ones from the beginning. Great for those just getting into yoga. It walks you through 3 full weeks of advancing your practice with the right form.

  • piYo- core strength of Pilates with the faster moves of Yoga. For those who want a workout and sore glutes, yep, every time + interesting Yoga moves!

  • TurboFire – I bought this many moons ago from an infomercial and still LOVE it. Included in this, along with many many others you recognize: P90X, InsanityMax, T25, and ones that won’t make you fall over too.

  • Short on time: T25 or Insanity Max = make them count!

  • NEW: 80 day Obsession- bought alone it’s $99 – included in membership. 80 full days of getting in the best shape of your life! On my short list to start.

  • Bonus: you get assistance with meals and food along the way too. Streaming includes cooking shows and information on portion control.

Check them out here and tell me what you’re doing, please! Don’t love it - request a full refund in 30 days.

Yes, I do them. Yes I do my own made up workouts and take classes too! Yes, I work them into client programs because you can’t see me 7 days/week.

>>Send me your purchase link and for an additional $99 you get access to my personal LO Solutions app for a FULL year - where you can privately log your food, workouts, symptoms, goals, metrics and more. I will “see” everything and personally respond to your posts 2x/week. $99 for the WHOLE YEAR Access to a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist by your side. Limited to first 10 who forward me their purchase. Next best thing to working with me one-on-one for a fraction of the cost!

PS, Yes I have used and love VEGAN Shakeology for myself and certain clients for over 3 years. Read more here. Shakeology challenge pack comes with 30 days of Shakeology, workouts for a year and containers for portion control focusing on high fiber and ample protein for satiety. My favorite flavors are Vegan Vanilla and Vegan Chocolate. Check it out here.


Happy Body - Happy Mind!

"Netflix of Fitness"
Unlimited workouts for the whole family!

I grew up doing “videos” in my living room before or after high school. Good ol’ “Gil” or Denise Austin, or Kathy Smith, or some hip hop dance videos – sound familiar? I learned to LOVE fitness from an early age and because of that it’s still a main part of my life today. It took my mind off all my homework and the stress of growing up in a big family - and I felt GOOD afterwards! I didn’t ever once do it to lose weight or to look better - I did it to feel better. That might be why I have such a love affair with being active. I just don’t feel right if I don’t do it and it’s harder for me to be “on” and help others for 9-10 hours/day if I don’t feel well myself. I have really felt this lately with a very busy schedule. So why do you care about any of this? As a nutrition and fitness expert it’s my “job” to find the best of the best out there. I only carry the top-notch supplements that work and I only offer “real” solutions for fitness and nutrition. If any of these sound like you, be sure to read on:

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