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Health Coaching utilizes a combination of tools to help reach a client's goals. My approach combines food, nutrition & fitness services to create a whole body wellness package.


When working together, we will address a variety of aspects within these areas:


☆ Healthy, Mindful & Conscious Eating

☆ Menu Planning

☆ Shopping Lists

☆ Cholesterol/Triglycerides

☆ Diabetes/Blood Sugar

☆ Food Sensitivities

☆ Blood Pressure

☆ Blood work & Supplement analysis

☆ Fast and Easy Meals for the Family

☆ Weight Loss & Toning

☆ Ayurveda (Eastern Medicine)

☆ Personal Training Sessions

☆ Yoga & Pilates

☆ Breathing & Meditation

☆ Accountability for change & goal setting

☆ Exercise Plans and more....

LO Solutions proudly serves clients beyond your typical workouts.

I utilize various Pilates and Yoga techniques that are tailored made for you; often assisting in the healing process of past injuries, and preventing new ones along the way!


Click here for a full list of programs and services!

We all know that being active is an essential part to feeling good. So, what’s stopping you?  

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