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Mini Case Studies: 

Females in their 60's

*Note: these are abbreviated case studies based on testimonials and symptom surveys. Check back periodically for more details to be added on each case!

“Upon entering my 60’s it seemed that I was faced more and more with vague complaints regarding my health (joint pain, insomnia, GI issues, headaches, weight gain). Then lab results showed elevated cardiac and inflammatory markers placing me into a High Risk group for cardiovascular disease even though I thought I had been doing well by eating vegetarian and working out at a local gym. My desire to live a long life as healthy as possible led me to find Lila at LO Solutions. With MRT/Leap Food Sensitivity testing and guided nutritional counseling I have cleaned up my diet and eliminated most of my complaints. Micronutrient/Cardiac Panel testing helped focus on the proper supplements for my body. After 4 months of working with Lila my repeat blood work shows I have moved from the High Risk group to Low Risk for cardiovascular disease. Amazing and in such a short time!! Lila has a real gift for what she does. She has incredible knowledge, focus and desire for helping her clients. I would highly recommend Lila to anyone wanting to improve their health/fitness levels.” – Carol, female in 60s

Lila's Notes: 

Client came in primarily for high cholesterol and high inflammatory marker (CRP-hs).  She also wanted to make sure her thyroid was ok and complained of fatigue, consistent muscle aches/paints, some anxiety and forgetfulness, headaches, insomnia and some GI issues. She wanted to lose a little weight as well.

Client’s symptom Survey went from 32 down to 9 in 2 short weeks! In a month it went to 1-3 and has stayed that way a year and a half post LEAP. With LEAP (AKA: a personalized anti-inflammatory diet based on blood work, science and guidance by an RD/LEAP Therapist), her Total Cholesterol dropped 35 points (average drop in cholesterol with LEAP is 15-25%!); her LDL (“bad” cholesterol) dropped 39 points; her HDL (“good” cholesterol) went up 3 points!


Her CRP-hs (inflammatory marker) dropped in half (!!) and her omega check went up 1.2 points to put her omega 3 profile in the good range. Client lost about 10# by the end of LEAP.  All of this is a phenomenal improvement because of LEAP and a compliant client!


After MRT/LEAP, which takes 3 months to complete the protocol, we dug even further by doing Micronutrient Testing and getting her on an accurate supplement regimen to have even more improvement in lipids and symptoms. Nutrition is key to healing the body long and short term. MRT/LEAP helps cholesterol because high lipids are  partly due to inflammation (along with diet, exercise, stress and genetics). Client is feeling better than she has in years and can’t believe how well it worked!

Lila's Notes: 

What is LEAP?

The power of LEAP never ceases to amaze me! 

In 2 short weeks, this client's symptom survey went from 91 down to 6, and in 4 weeks it is down to 2!! She feels better than she had in many years. 

LEAP is a personalized anti-inflammatory protocol based on the person's scientific MRT food sensitivity results. 


Works great for: auto-immune, fatigue digestive upset, migraines, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, hard to lose weight, arthritis, chronic IBS/IBD, and much more.

What is LEAP?

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