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Hi Friends, I finally did blood work a couple weeks ago and found out several foods that I'm negatively reactive to and I'm working with a lovely Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Lila Ojeda, who knows her stuff. She has developed a special protocol unique to my health needs, to keep me on track, and reduce the negatives symptoms resulting from these reactive foods, AKA: Inflammation. Lila is also a Personal Trainer and Yoga teacher, so that makes her more awesome!" Part 2:
“A few months in to the MRT/ LEAP protocol, I have more energy, my mood has significantly improved, and the 3-5 day headache and neck pain that accompanies my PMS symptoms has disappeared.  I have learned to manage my blood sugar by eating regularly rather than getting a coffee, which has prevented uncomfortable hypoglycemic shaky body and speech moments. Plus, Lila offers delicious recipes and grocery lists, that makes sticking to the protocol much easier.  I feel understood, respected and always enjoy our sessions. Thanks Lila! “ -A, female client in 30s

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