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Two of My All Time Favorite Planners

The Passion Planner: 

I suggest the undated one (especially this late in the year) - use anytime, anywhere. It's a journal, planner and coloring book all in one. You can map out your day, week, month and year. Enough room to record your food and fitness and even map out meals. Artistic flare meets super-duper practical. There are student calendar ones too. Use referral email:

It’s never too late for a great planner!

These two are great for life, work, balance, fitness, food and more.

Get Organized * Get Motivated * Feel Better!

The Desire Maps Planner: 

Be sure to check out her Desire Maps workbook and program too! I have used it and it’s great! Guide your choices based on how you want to FEEL in your life! Her planner is amazing, fun, and spiritually based to enhance your growth. I also use her card decks daily. Go here.

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