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This client came to me to feel better, to learn which foods were best for her body and also a hope of losing a few pounds along the way!

She "earned" all of that, and more. Read on for her detailed testimonial of what she gained from completing the 10 week MRT/LEAP protocol= AKA: a personalized anti-inflammatory

protocol and lifestyle:

"I turned 50 this year & in October I started the MRT/LEAP program with Lila Ojeda at LO Solutions. I signed up for the program to better my health & learn preventive ways to continue to age healthy & well. I know that inflammation in the body causes a whole list of diseases & illness as you age.  I wanted to get ahead of any issues that could cause me problems in the future. I also wanted better gut health & to finally lose those last 10lbs., that never seems to come off.  


After all my labs & tests results came back, Lila designed an individualized program for me. It included a 2 week elimination diet based on my results;  to get a better understanding of how I react to certain foods. I felt like the initial 2 weeks completely reset my whole body.  I was feeling better, sleeping better & had more energy. I came to understand the LEAP motto, "Eat to Live not Live to Eat."


Lila's expert knowledge and continued guidance during the program kept me accountable & motivated.  The program is definitely a process you need to "walk through" day by day & Lila was there every step of the way. I gained clarity about why I eat certain foods & how those foods affect my body in a positive or negative way. I became mindful of lifestyle changes I needed to make for my better health & healing.


I recommend LEAP & Lila to anyone who is ready for lifelong wellness & health! Oh & I also lost those pesky 10 pounds too!


Thank you Lila!"    -  Christy(50)

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