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Many people choose to do MRT/LEAP to better their overall quality of life and live a healthy, full, long life. This is one of those clients! His Symptom Survey was low to begin with but he still improved his sleep, energy, and lost 10 pounds along the way! His cholesterol and blood pressure also improved!

“Thank you very much for guidance & direction…it was life changing! The whole food sensitivity (MRT/LEAP) process was a positive experience. Lila was very detailed in her recommendations and positive and supportive throughout the whole process. My main goal of the evaluation was to get a better understanding of what foods worked well with my body (inflammation wise) and to become much better educated about what I put in my body,

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in general just wanted to eat healthier. Although I had very few highly sensitive foods, I did find ones that were causing me issues, and these have now been eliminated or greatly reduced in my diet. I have also been able to broaden my menus through my education and know that what I am eating will serve me better. Although weight loss was not a main goal, I was able to lose 10 pounds and through a better daily diet have maintained my weight for the past 8 months. I am also sleeping much better and in general feel healthier……the best thing to know is that Lila is always there should I have any follow-up questions. Thank you for the support and education!”


     CB, male in 60s.

      Lake Oswego, OR

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