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“I could not be more thankful that I found Lila through searching the best nutritionists in the Portland area through yelp, google, etc. I was looking for more answers to my various health issues. I was mainly struggling with finding answers about allergic reactions I was having, but also wanted to explore combating symptoms of depression anxiety and chronic pain.


For years I was having random and severe allergic reactions. One year, I had severe swelling on my head that went down into my eyes. I had another incident where I went into anaphylaxis and fainted. Other years, my body was so itchy and covered everywhere in large patches of urticaria (hives). I would go to the allergist and they suggested it was spontaneous and did not want to do any testing.


Frustrated with my lack of answers, I did my research to find alternative ways to fight my intense allergic episodes. I also struggle with depression and anxiety and have always had a difficult time managing my weight and relationship with food.


After doing MRT/LEAP with Lila, I have been made more aware of foods that I may be reactive to that I thought were healthy and fine. It was very difficult to go through this process and eliminate so many foods that I loved, but during the process Lila was extremely supportive and kept me accountable so we could get the best results.

Since doing the LEAP protocol, I have not had any intense allergic episodes. This has been the main victory we have overcome in this process together. I do continue to struggle with pain, depression and anxiety, but it’s because I still have a lot of work on my end to be consistent with my exercise, water intake, and staying away from foods I know that cause inflammation (CHOCOLATE). Slowly but surely, we are lessening my depression and anxiety symptoms through food coaching, lifestyle coaching and a supplement regimen.


Lila has been by my side through this all to be a coach, cheerleader, teacher, friend, and my ‘food therapist’ on my life-long journey to find balance in my health. She has helped me find foods and supplements to best combat my main struggles with my health and has offered great fitness and exercise tips. She often researches to connect me with other health-related professionals I need.


Lila goes above and beyond each week to help me in so many aspects of my life that extend beyond nutrition. I have been with Lila for over a year and a half and cannot imagine my health journey without her now. I am so thankful for the knowledge, support, and resources she has given me to find success with my health. I continue to see her because she is encouraging, patient, and understanding that there is no quick cure to health ailments. Because of her, I feel confident that I have the right tools to find balance with my health. I know I personally have a lot of growth to do in order to see maximum results but know that if I continue to work with her and put in the work myself that eventually I will see more consistent improvements.


I highly recommend Lila to anyone who wants to work on improving their nutritional and physical health because she is professional, kind, empathetic, and extremely knowledgeable on her work. She has been a crucial part of improving my health and I am forever grateful to have her has part of my health journey!” – Andrea, age 26

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