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MRT/LEAP for Rheumatoid Arthritis and auto-immune diseases, it works!

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Suffering my third, and deepest, auto-immune health crisis in twelve years, I approached Lila in February, 2018. I viewed diet as one of a handful of approaches that might enable my immune system to return to its role as defender of my body instead of attacker. Its hyperactivity was causing intense 24/7 pain in most of the joints from my neck to my knees.


I was attracted to Lila's data-driven methodology that centered on my personal blood test determined inflammatory reaction to 170 foods via the MRT testing process. My diet was reconstructed from the least inflammatory foods upward over a 12 week period. Sure enough, at that point I saw a dramatic reduction in joint pain. While not possible definitively to attribute the change to diet alone, I am convinced that it was a major contributor through its reduction of inflammatory input to my body.

Secondarily we did the Micronutrient test and determined vitamins and minerals my body specifically needed. Based on this second data-driven approach, I am now unexpectedly, but happily, on a daily regimen of supplements intended to address imbalances that may be affecting my health. Future blood tests will determine how effective this treatment proves to be, as Lila is great about following up and following through on necessary protocols.


In all of this five-month collaboration I have found Lila to be competent, understanding, and available. I recommend her and the LO Solutions approach to anyone."


- Michael, male in his 70s

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