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"My boss/friend introduced me to Lila and her MRT/LEAP food sensitivity/anti-inflammatory program. Before I met Lila I was about 300lbs. I was swollen, bloated, had heartburn DAILY, indigestion, depression, EATING my depression. I was absolutely miserable and ready to change my life. I was eating Taco Bell and absolute junk almost daily. In the first week of MRT Lila gave my small realistic goals and eased me into it. She knew what she was doing and she never once judged me. She just invited me to a  healthier life-style. In the first 2 weeks I shot down 10-15 lbs. I took my time and watched what I ate and was aware of what I put in AND ON my body. The ladies I worked with did it with me and they ate healthy to support me since it was hard at home (they had already completed the program). Now I am down about 50 lbs from when I began. Lila never stopped giving me realistic goals. This program works and my health score was down to a 1 (it was a score of 66 when I started 3 months ago). No more heartburn, indigestion, bloating!  Also, my skin is softer, more clear, less red from the clean (beautycounter) skin care products I switched to. Life is good! I am a whole new Amy.  I still have stuff I need to continue to work on and a lot more weight to lose but thanks to Lila, I now have recognized a new way of eating, loving, and caring for myself. Thank you, Lila! Appreciate all you have done for me. Your love and guidance is a special thing!"

-        Amy, female 20s---LOST 50# and this was just the beginning!

Amy female 20s.png

Note: SS went from 66 down to 1 in 3 months!

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